Two Shops, One Philosophy

À l'ombre d'un bouchon has two cellars in Paris: one on la rue Daguerre in the 14th arrondissement and one on the Boulevard de Port-Royal in the 5th arrondissement. Within the two locations you'll find up to 500 references of wines, beers and spirits. The team is composed of Daley and Tonio. They float between the two locations and are adept at finding the right bottle for any occasion. They all understand that the role of a caviste is not simply to help you buy a bottle but also to educate the customer along the way. Questions are always welcome!

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Living in Paris for 10 years, Daley, of British origin, feels more abroad when he returns to England than in Paris. After pursuing studies in cognitive neuroscience, he realized that academic life wasn't for him. One morning in the laboratory, he found himself dreaming of a bottle of Château Gruaud Larose 1986. It was at that moment that he realised that Plan B had become Plan A so he decided to end his PhD studies and instead pursue wine in a full-time capacity.

Some of our partner domains

We work with quality producers who share our passion and core beliefs about what makes wine great. Here are just a handful.

Domaine FL

Château Mangot

Domaine Montirius

Domaine d’en Ségur

Frerejean Frères

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Domaine FL

At any one time we aim to have at least one vintage of each cuvée from Domaine FL in stock. The domain is reputed for its exceptional chenin blanc which stays fresh even after more than 10 years in bottle.

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